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Shreeji Infraspace is committed to complying with the HSE laws and actively acts to identify as well as remove potential and recognized risks by employing a full-time professional who provides support and advice throughout the company. We relentlessly adhere to all the specified norms and view it as our responsibility towards the society and the future generations. We constantly strive to operate responsibly and systematically manage risks for a long-term as well as sustainable business growth. As a successful company, we embark a journey towards an independent safe culture, teamwork, and ownership of our health, safety, environment and security by all the employees.

The main objectives of our HSE policy are as follows:

Responsible utilization of all the natural resources

Comply with government regulations and the applicable laws

To prevent loss of human life and personal injury

Continually improve our environmental safety, health and performance level

We strive to accomplish our objectives by doing the following:

  • Provide and maintain a healthy environment and prevent pollution
  • Minimizing the environmental impacts and optimizing the utilization of resources.
  • Educating and training all the employees as well as workers on safety, health and environmental matters
  • Ensure effective implementation of the HSE laws in case of emergencies or injuries
  • Continuous improvement of the policies through time-to-time audit, review, incident investigation
  • Adopt a risk-based systematic approach to all mission-critical operations
  • Regular review of any emergency or crisis management processes to ensure a prompt and effective response to major incidents
  • Take preventive and corrective measures for identified weak areas to ensure its effectiveness in the long run
  • Inform about our HSE policies to all our contractors, affiliates and government and seek their support.
  • Work in collaboration with the government to develop standards and regulations that will aid in the safety of the people and the environment.
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